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What is Electronic Prescriptions?

Electronic  prescriptions are a digitally enabled option for medication management in Australia. This will allow people to manage prescriptions electronically which will increase convenience and improve medication safety.

The current COVID-19 restrictions on community movements have highlighted the great need Australia has for electronic prescriptions. As a result this has accelerated the delivery, and electronic prescriptions will be progressively available from the end of May 2020 with the aim to be fully integrated by late 2020



The solution for the delivery of electronic prescriptions has been accelerated and will be progressively available from the end of May 2020 and will see a unique QR barcode known as a ‘token’ sent via an app (if you have one), SMS or email.

The token will be scanned by our pharmacist as a key to unlock the electronic prescription from an encrypted and secure electronic prescription delivery service.

If you have any repeats of a prescription, a new token will be sent to you when the prescription is dispensed. You will need to keep the token to send to our pharmacy when you need to get the repeat filled.

Active Script List

By the end of September 2020, more functionality will be available and in addition to the token, there will also be an option for you to give us a list of your active prescriptions in our software, so you don't have to forward it on.

To get your medicines you will need to prove your identity to the pharmacist and provide consent for the pharmacist to view your prescriptions.