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Taylors' Pharmacy was born in 1927 and have been through many capable hands. The pharmacy was originally situated at the corner of Rohini St and Eastern Road until 2010 when the current owner Kelly Lin relocated to 33 Rohini Street. Then again in early 2020, the pharmacy relocated to its current place at 27 Rohini street.

The name "Taylors' pharmacy" remains unchanged in honor of the founder Fred and Bunnie Taylor. At Taylors' Pharmacy, we are committed to exceptional customer care and to maximise our patients' health and wellbeing by offering great value combined with individualised and relevant healthcare solutions. We offer a wide range of services including Australia Post (Community Postal Agency) and Parcelpoint/ Hubbed pick up location. We also do ear piercing and passport photo just to name a few. We are also very proud to be featured on channel 9 National News in 2020 as well as being awarded Guild Pharmacy of the year in delivering professional services to the community.

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Urgent Delivery?

Same-day delivery in metro. Step 1: Download the app Step 2: Upload your prescription(s)


As an authorised NDSS Access Point, where you have access to government subsidised blood glucose

Free Blood Pressure Check

Taylors’ Pharmacy offers complimentary Blood

Free Webster Packing

MAKE YOUR LIFE EASIER WITH WEBSTER-PACK! We all have problems remembering to take medication sometimes.

ID and Passport Photos

Visit Taylors’ Pharmacy to get your instant ID photo taken conveniently while you wait. Our team have been trained to ensure all

Medical Certificate

Pharmacists at Taylors’ Pharmacy are able to provide absence from work certificates for sick leave and/or carers leave.

Medication Disposal Service

To help you make your home a safer place, Taylors’ Pharmacy offers a medication disposal service for you to

Simple Compounding

We offer a simple compounding service to prepare specialised tailored creams and ointments that are not available in

Ear Piercing

We provide ear piercing service in store for $49.95 including aftercare spray. If you are under 16, you need to either have a permission letter from a legal guardian or have them come with

Parcel Collection Point

HUBBED is an e-commerce technology solutions company that also powers a hyperlocal fulfilment network. Our technology has been designed to

Australia Post

You can purchase all your supplies such as Boxes & packaging, Express Post, Flat rate satchels, Postage Prepaid envelopes, Postage stamps, Priority delivery and Registered

Equipment Hire

Taylors’ Pharmacy offers an extensive range of high quality home health care products for hire and for sale: Crutches.

Compression Garment Supply & Advice

Our specially trained team can assist you with your Compression Garments.

Consumer Medicines Information

Medicines can be confusing. Our pharmacists are experts in

Home Deliveries

Can’t get to us? No problems, we will come to you! If you would like your medicines delivered please call the pharmacy on 02

Inhaler Technique Assistance

Do you suffer from Asthma? Want to breathe with ease? Talk to us about your Asthma medicines.


The MedsCheck is an essential medicines review for all patients. Your pharmacist will meet with you to discuss your

Mental Health Support

Our pharmacists and team are on hand to offer you mental health support when you might need it

Quit Smoking Support

Our pharmacists are on hand to assist you with your quit smoking attempt. To effectively manage

Script on file Reordering Service

Running out of time? Why don’t you try our mobile phone ordering

Witnessing Documents or Statutory Declarations

Our team are able to assist you with statutory

Wound Management

Do you have a first aid kit at home and in the car? Do you have a wound which is taking a long time to heal?

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Under clause 48A of the NSW Poisons and Therapeutic Goods Regulation 2008, administering pharmacist must Complete an accredited vaccination training course, conduct vaccinations under the NSW Pharmacist Vaccination Standards, and record each vaccination. The range of vaccination given by pharmacists are expanding. For a full list, please click below.

Supervised Rapid Antigen Testing

Our Services include supply, monitoring, and certification. Please make sure to bring all the necessary documents such as a passport etc.

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Authorised Australia Post Community Agency and Hubbed.

27 Rohini Street, Turramurra. Sydney