Dr Ho’s Decompression Back Belt Size XL (121-132cm)


Dr Ho’s Decompression Back Belt to support and relieve lower back pain.


What it is: Dr Ho’s Decompression Back Belt is a dual function air inflatable and traction belt. When it’s not inflated, it can be used to help provide protection and support for the back while standing, walking, sitting, lifting, driving or anything else. This is a new innovation with patent pending technology developed by pain specialist Dr. Michael Ho.


Support Belt: When not inflated the belt acts as a back brace to help support the low back.

Stretching Belt: When inflated with air the belt expands vertically to help stretch your lower back. This gentle traction helps decompress spinal discs and stretch and relax tight muscles to relieve lower back pain.


What it does: Inflate the belt and it expands vertically to help stretch the lower back. When you have pain or tension, you can inflate the belt with the hand air pump. When inflated, the belt will rise three inches vertically and will help lift part of the weight off your lower back, stretch tight back muscles and reduce pressure on the lumbar disc. This is helpful for anyone with acute or chronic back pain, for anyone with degenerative or herniated discs and for anyone who suffers with sciatica (numbness and pain in the leg from pinched nerve in the back).

Decompression effects similar to inversion tables and large decompression clinical beds can be felt with the belt inflated. It’s a safe, easy and effective belt for helping to relieve back pain on the go. This gentle traction helps decompress the spinal discs, stretch and relax tight muscles to relieve lower back pain

This product may provide assistants and relief to:

  • Decompress lower back joints & spinal discs allowing discs to return to normal
  • Lift & keep upper body weight off the lower back
  • Stabilizes lower back & improves posture
  • Stretch & relieve tight lower back muscles
  • Relieve lower back pain & stiffness
  • Help relieve pressure off pinched nerves, degenerative, herniated and bulging discs. Relieving the pressure allows degenerative discs to get the water, oxygen and nutrients it requires for faster healing. It permits herniated and bulging discs to return to their normal position and condition. Reducing the constriction on pinched nerves such as the sciatic nerve which helps relieve shooting leg pain.


  • *Waist should be measured at level of belly button.


Size: XL

  • Fits Waist Size 121cm – 132cm (48- 52 inches)
  • Fits Pant Size 53cm – 60cm (21-24 inches)


Package Includes:

  • Decompression Belt
  • Foot Pump
  • Velcro Extender
Dr Ho’s Decompression Back Belt Size XL (121-132cm)