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CHEMIST2U initiative gives you the convenient opportunity to purchase at Taylors' pharmacy.

Our wide range of supporting brands allow you to solve your health need through our shop.

If you’re too busy to get to the pharmacy, stuck at home or at work, simply tap on CHEMIST2U app and take a photograph of your prescription. Then tell us what you need and we’ll deliver to your door.


More than just medicine


General Medicine      Sexual Health               Mums & Bubs


     Cold & Flu            Feminine Health      Vitamins & Supplements


We put your health first.

It’s called ‘bed rest’, not ‘waiting in line at the chemist rest.’ That’s why we bring your medicine right to you, when you need it, wherever you are.

Sick baby? We’ll come to your crib

Nurse your sick child back to health without leaving home. Parents and children can rest easy, knowing help is on the way.

Repeat script reminders.

We can send you a reminder alert when your repeat prescription is about to run out. This ensures you’re taking your medication as prescribed by your Doctor, saving you worry and keeping your health on track.




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Download the App.                        Tell us what you need.                            We'll deliver to your door.*



As an authorised NDSS Access Point, where you have access to government subsidised blood glucose monitoring strips and insulin needles.

Visit us in store for all of your diabetic needs (blood glucose monitors, lancets, sharps disposal bins, insulin travel cases, diabetic socks, sugar free confectionery, blood glucose record books, self-care information and more).


Taylors’ Pharmacy offers complimentary Blood Pressure Measuring in-store. Our pharmacist will also explain your results and provide professional advice about high or low blood pressure, and ways to help maintain healthy blood pressure which helps to reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease. No appointments required, come and visit us today.

We also stock wide range of Blood pressure monitors, nebulisers and accessories.



What is Webster-pack service?

We all have problems remembering to take medication sometimes. Especially when we are on multiple medications, it can be difficult to remember to always take all medications as prescribed by the doctor. A Webster-pack allows you to have your own pack where your all medications set out in order of when you take them.

To take the medicines, you simply push the contents through the foil backing.


Why is it good?

❖ Simple, convenient and effective

❖ Suitable for all age groups

❖ Easy to check that medication is taken everyday

❖Great for travelling

❖Easier for carers and family

❖The pharmacist ensures you are not duplicating the medication, taking the correct dose at the correct time.

❖ We make sure that you are taking only what you are supposed to be taking

❖ We will chase your scripts for you, allowing you time to discuss your health with the Doctor rather than paper work

❖Peace of mind for you and your loved ones.



  1. We will ask your doctor for a medication chart (a list of all your medications and when you should take these)
  2. Bring all your prescriptions and your leftover medications if you have any into our pharmacy including vitamins, herbal and complementary medicines
  3. We will pack your medications into a Webster-pack.
  4. You can arrange to pick up your pack weekly, fortnightly or monthly. If you are unable to pick up, we can arrange for local delivery


How much does this cost?


You are still required to pay for your medications as if you were self-medicating, but there is no extra charge for packing. Whenever we dispense new medications to pack into your pack*,

we will charge it into your account and will ask you to pay your account monthly.

*brand-substitution may be requested


What do you need to do?

Easy! Bring your medication chart and all your medications into our pharmacy!

If you don’t have a medication chart, don’t worry. We will ask your doctor for the medication chart.

Under clause 48A of the NSW Poisons and Therapeutic Goods Regulation 2008, administering pharmacist must

All our pharmacists completed an accredited vaccination training course and able to initiate and administer influenza vaccine

Under NSW regulation and authorisation, NSW pharmacists who have undertaken appropriate training are able to administer privately funded diphtheria-tetanus-pertussis (whooping cough) (dTpa) and measles-mumps-rubella (MMR) vaccines to people aged 16 years and over and can administer privately funded influenza vaccine to people aged 10 years and over.

Free Scripts On File Service:

  • never lose a script again by keeping your repeat prescriptions at the pharmacy


Free Home Delivery Service:

  • have your medications conveniently delivered to your door for free (T & C applies).


Medication Support Services – Home / In-Store Medication Review:

  • Pharmacy offers a complimentary one on one consultation with your pharmacist in-store to review and discuss the best ways to manage your health and get the most out of your medicines.


  • Speak to our friendly Staff about this service if:
    • You are regularly taking five or more prescription medicines
    • You have had a significant medical event (eg. heart attack, knee replacement)
    • You have recently been discharged from hospital
    • You have been diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes in the last 12 months
    • You feel that your Type 2 Diabetes is less than ideally controlled, and you haven’t been able to access an existing diabetes education/health
    • service to assist you.

Pharmacists at Taylors’ Pharmacy are able to provide absence from work certificates for sick leave and/or carers leave.

Under the Fair Work Act 2009, pharmacists have authority to issue Absence from Work Certificates to people covered by the Act as proof of legitimate absence from work. We cannot be provided for absences relating to pregnancy or compassionate leave.

Absence from Work Certificates can be provided to verify:

  • Absences from work due to illness or injury (personal leave), or
  • Absences due to illness or injury to a member of the employee’s immediate family or household (carer’s leave).

Consultations for an Absence from Work Certificate are conducted in store and can vary in length.

Fees apply for this service.

At the end of each financial year, Taylors’ Pharmacy can provide a tax printout for all the prescriptions filled with us this past financial year. To obtain a tax printout, simply come into the pharmacy and ask our friendly team.

If it is more convenient for you, email us at [email protected] or give the team a ring on 02 91441363 and we can organise for it to be posted to you.

To help you make your home a safer place, Taylors’ Pharmacy offers a medication disposal service for you to safely return your expired and unwanted medicines.

Taylors’ Pharmacy offers an extensive range of high quality home health care products for hire and for sale:

  • Crutches
  • Nebulisers and accessories
  • Blood pressure monitors
  • Breast Pumps
  • Contact and contactless thermometer
  • Dr Ho Decompression belt

Visit us in-store and our friendly team will assist you with selecting the right product for your needs.

BowelCare kits will be sold for $20.00 each. This price covers pathology testing and notification of result to both the participant and their nominated Doctor.

Read more;


We provide ear piercing service in store for $34.95 including aftercare spray.

If you are under 16, you need to either have a permission letter from a legal guardian or have them come with you.

We are also a ParcelPoint agent.

You can purchase all your supplies such as Boxes & packaging, Express Post, Flat rate satchels, Postage Prepaid envelopes, Postage stamps, Priority delivery and Registered Post.

You can also leave your parcel to be collected by Australia Post Monday to Friday. T&C applies.

Visit Taylors’ Pharmacy to get your instant ID photo taken conveniently while you wait.

Our team have been trained to ensure all photos meet Australian Government and International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) standards.

No appointments required, come and visit us today.