What is Webster-pack service?

We all have problems remembering to take medication sometimes. Especially when we are on multiple medications, it can be difficult to remember to always take all medications as prescribed by the doctor. A Webster pack allows you to have your own pack where your all medications are set out in order of when you take them.

To take the medicines, you simply push the contents through the foil backing.

Why is it good?

❖ Simple, convenient and effective

❖ Suitable for all age groups

❖ Easy to check that medication is taken every day

❖Great for travelling

❖Easier for carers and family

❖The pharmacist ensures you are not duplicating the medication, taking the correct dose at the correct time.

❖ We make sure that you are taking only what you are supposed to be taking

❖ We will chase your scripts for you, allowing you time to discuss your health with the Doctor rather than paperwork

❖Peace of mind for you and your loved ones.


  1. We will ask your doctor for a medication chart (a list of all your medications and when you should take these)
  2. Bring all your prescriptions and your leftover medications if you have any into our pharmacy including vitamins, herbal and complementary medicines
  3. We will pack your medications into a Webster pack.
  4. You can arrange to pick up your pack weekly, fortnightly, or monthly. If you are unable to pick up, we can arrange for local delivery

How much does this cost?

Due to the recent De-funding of the community pharmacies by the federal government,  we have no choice but to start charging a small fee to cover some cost of packing material. The new charge of $5 per week covers only a portion of the service as we try to keep the cost low for our customers.

We will continue to honor our existing Webster pack patients at no charge to continue supporting them with managing their medications.

You are still required to pay for your medications as if you were self-medicating, but there is no extra charge for packing. Whenever we dispense new medications to pack into your pack*,

we will charge it into your account and will ask you to pay your account monthly.

*brand-substitution may be requested

What do you need to do?

Easy! Bring your medication chart and all your medications to our pharmacy!

If you don’t have a medication chart, don’t worry. We will ask your doctor for the medication chart.

If you have concerns regarding additional charges for the services you used to get for free, please contact your MP or your State senators. 

Ayres, Senator the Hon Timothy (Tim) (02) 9159 9330

Bragg, Senator Andrew (02) 9159 9320 James 

Cadell, Senator Ross Philip (02) 6492 0586

Davey, Senator Perin McGregor (02) 9159 9310
1300 301 816

Faruqi, Senator Mehreen(02) 9211 1500 

Hughes, Senator Hollie Alexandra (02) 9159 9325

Kovacic, Senator Maria (02) 8289 9800

McAllister, Senator the Hon Jennifer Ryll (Jenny) (02) 9719 8100
1300 030 752
(02) 9719 8078 (fax)

O’Neill, Senator Deborah Mary (02) 4367 4565
(02) 4367 3506 (fax)

Payne, Senator the Hon Marise Ann (02) 9687 8755
(02) 9687 8466 (fax)

Sheldon, Senator Anthony Vincent (Tony) (02) 9719 1078
1300 884 092

Shoebridge, Senator David Martin (02) 8073 7400