Medications by Injection

The scope of practice for appropriately trained Australian pharmacists includes the administration of medicines by injection, enabling pharmacists to provide consumers greater choice in the delivery of their health care.

In addition to an adequate medicines-specific knowledge, demonstration of the technical competence required to administer medicines by injection is essential prior to pharmacists undertaking this role.

The key components of practice scope therefore include the following elements:

• Required education, leading to proven competence (comprising knowledge, skills and behaviours). • Professional accountability according to recognised standards and competencies.

• The authority to undertake specific tasks.


The authority to administer medicines by injection is provided by jurisdictional legislation. As such, recognition of the pharmacist’s role in medicines administration by injection may vary nationally.

Pharmacists at Taylors’ Pharmacy have completed all the necessary post registration training programs. As such, our pharmacists are authorised under New South Wales Poisons and Therapeutic Goods Act 1966 and National Law, to administer any unscheduled or scheduled medicine.

Our pharmacists can administer unscheduled medicines by injection if they have the required skills, meet professional requirements and can establish therapeutic need. For e.g., B12 injection

Our pharmacists can administer a scheduled medicine by injection when dispensed on a prescription lawfully issued by a medical practitioner, dentist, nurse practitioner, midwife practitioner, endorsed nurse or midwife, optometrist or podiatrist. For e.g., Prolia, Depo Medrol, Ozempic, Dupixent, Cosentyx, Hyrimoz plus many more.

(Please note, an endorsed nurse or midwife, optometrist or podiatrist may only prescribe S4s, not S8s).

Please ring 02 91441363 and speak to our pharmacists for more information. We recommend that patients ring first as we need to ensure if the medications required for injections are available onsite for injection or of the patients are bringing one from home.

Fee applies.